Friday, February 5, 2010

cleaning the messy studio...

cleaning the messy studio..., originally uploaded by maybeemily.

the studio is SO MESSY right now. I cant do any work. The only blank spot is where Liz has been sewing. Whenever I come in here I pick like one thing up and then RUN AWAY!!!! (to upstairs, where I mess up my mothers sewing room.)

How do ya'll keep your workspaces clean? I think I have a problem. Oh my god. Who wants to help me clean? seriously. I don't think I can do it myself.

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  1. Shooooot gurrrrl. I am having the same problem today, and...well a LOT of the time. I have a messy studio upstairs in our house, and then a garage out back that needs to be organized. I make such a mess when I get into things! But in order for me to feel refreshed and inspired to work on stuff, it has to be at least a little clean...Even if I just want to run away from it. I decided yesterday just to start with a corner. When I got that done, and it was all cozy and cute, I immediately wanted to sit down there and make some stuff. So maybe you should just start with one small area?
    Or maybe we should just make friends with some magical elves...