Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Packing up pin kits

Packing up pin kits, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

Packing things up, assembling kits, etc. I am hoping by this time next week this can return to a personal blog, and my BRAND NEW AWESOME Tako Fibers website will be up WITH ITS OWN BLOG! Yeah yeah, it will be club awesome, you are invited.


another little sneak peek!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

another little sneak peek! I am working my butt off trying to get all my samples done. I have put Ben to work separating out yarn and packing kits. I am ahead of schedule but still, only 3 WEEKS until the big seasonal craft shows!

On another note, I think it is funny. I have started using a particular typeface that I find lovely. It is called Lullaby. It is so pretty!
But now, I see it EVERYWHERE! I certainly wasn't the first to use it, but since it has been featured on a popular design blog I think everyone is using it! So now I feel silly using it on my new business cards. Oh well. I have a 1000 of them!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Citrus bird!

Citrus bird!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

Yay! Citrus bird is finished! I LOVE this little chubby bird.

I made the screen for Citrus Bird back in July, but didn't have time to do all the stitching for the sample piece until this past month. But now I am happy to report that you can purchase your very own kit in the Tako Fibers etsy store!

Expect another new kit or two next week! :)

Also, I have been recently searching the local thrift stores for awesome frames for my new samples. In my searches, I found the WORLDS BIGGEST EMBROIDERY HOOP EVER!

Look at this thing!


I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet! Any ideas?