Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet my husband

What!, originally uploaded by benjaminjaybaier.

Please meet my husband, Ben!

Now that you have seen this picture, you know exactly what he is like.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pasta salad

pasta salad, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

Today is the first REAL day of summer... the first day of our CSA! A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a super awesome way to support local farms and have a bounty of fresh, wonderful fruits and veggies all summer long. We get our CSA through Helsing Junction Farms, and I have never been disappointed! (This is our 4th year getting a CSA through them.)
Ben and I split a large CSA box with my parents, and every week we have almost more than we can eat. We also get a mushroom share through Provisions Mushrooms that comes with our CSA box each week. This week we got a crazy MEGA MUSHROOM!
Look at that thing! It is called a Lions Mane mushroom. It is very squishy. We fried it up with some other mushrooms and put it in our delicious pasta salad that we had for dinner. Yum!

I am a huge fan of pasta salad. It is filling and refreshing. I can't think of a better summer dinner!

This particular pasta salad was made with:
Bowtie pastas
Pink radishes
Garlic Scapes
A little bit of leftover salami
Big crazy mushroom as well as shitake and crimini mushrooms
Poppy seed vinaigrette (from scratch)
Served on Arugula

This pasta salad was served with my recent alcoholic beverage of choice, white wine spritzer!

yum yum!

Monday, June 14, 2010

little sneak preview!

little sneak preview!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

So the summer Urban Craft Uprising is coming up... so I am hard at work making some new kits! I am super excited about these two new birdy kits! They are about the same size as the blue bird and the red bird.
I am having such fun drawing these birds that I may make even MORE birds! Ahhh... a whole wall of embroidered birds, in every color of the rainbow! Sounds AMAZING to me!

Here is another brand NEW design that I am making a screen of... 2 little bears in love!

bear kiss

(Sorry for the crappy photo quality, its a just a quick phone snapshot of the negative I will be using to make the silkscreen stencil.)

This one is going to be a beginners kit. It will not have much stitching on it, but will be a good, small kit for anyone who wants a quick easy project. I am so excited to start stitching the sample for this guy.

I hope you are having a lovely June so far!

Friday, June 11, 2010


bear, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

I drew this lovely little guy when I was working at the art store, in my sketchbook. I do like him very much. I can't decide if he is talking, singing, or shooting water out of his mouth!

The little loopy bits were drawn on with masking fluid first. I let them dry then painted over them, and then gently rubbed to reveal the white underneath. Masking fluid is your friend!