Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sparkly Pants

For the past week, Hollie and I had been spending our evenings sewing 3 sets of silver lame hammer pants, sequined muscle-tees with lightening bolt appliques, and stretchy wristbands. It was really frustrating at times: these fabrics are incredibly hard to work with, the glue securing the faux sequins to the fabric kept on gumming up our sewing machines. We had draft the muscle tee patterns ourselves, because apparently nobody else in the world has any interest in making them, so there are no patterns available commercially. We finished these glorious costumes just in time...

But, it was all worth it. Last weekend we had the pleasure of seeing Discs of Fury and We Wrote The Book on Connectors play the BEST SHOW EVER. The sparkly costumes (which were worn by WE, as they were playing the Captains of the Future) were incredible on stage.

If you have never seen Discs of Fury, then part of your life has not been fulfilled. It is the most epic, most exciting, most geeky, most incredibly show I have ever seen in my life. I have seen them twice, and they have completely BLOWN MY MIND both times. I was super excited that I got to participate (in some small way...) this time.

Here is a video of them from last year, doing the awesome song "Blades in the Night" :

Also, I have a huge crush on Marvin Lazer. But really, who doesn't?

We Wrote The Book on Connectors and Discs of Fury