Thursday, December 10, 2009


gouache, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

I am feeling drained. I feel like I have used all my creativity up recently. After spending so much time on my embroidery kits, I have wanted to make a few things for myself - paint and draw in my sketchbook, knit a scarf, make some flash animations. But, I seriously have NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE.
On a similar note, my husband hasn't been feeling very creative either. He has been sad lately, because he feels like he doesn't follow through on his ideas.
My question for you is, what do you do to inspire creativity? When you are feeling down or worn out, what makes you feel good? Where do you go or what do you look at to jumpstart your brain?

Look at all that gouache... it needs to be USED!


  1. when the muse isn't around I summon her. how can i create anything good if I'm not creating anything at all? I know writing is different, but for me I just let go of my inner critic (you have plenty to give artistically, though you're probably telling yourself that it won't be "good" whatever is left inside of you). I just dive into stream of consciousness, "mindless" automatic pilot writing to just go through the motions until I until eventually the muse is back on board. More times than not I bet you will find new inspiration if you set up all your tools and just start creating without fear of it not being good enough.

    Or I read a lot of books, so the equivilant would to be look at a lot of art you like/dislike for a while.

    Hope that makes sense/helped!

  2. Have an arts and crafts party. Creativity is contagious. You'll feed off the creativity and excitement of your friends and get to spend time together.