Monday, December 14, 2009

Craft Show Displays

Lovely display we have there!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

As you are probably aware, I participated in my first BIG craft show recently. While I had sold my wares at a small show in Savannah, this was the first one where I really needed to think through how I was going to display everything with elegance and functionality, cheaply! I didn't get anything from anywhere exotic - all the display pieces were found or put together from local stores - no ordering from display vendors or anything! It was all EXTREMELY affordable, and I would recommend going this route to anyone going to their first craft show.

1) Tables
The tables were narrow buffet tables from Fred Meyer. I scored these when they were 20% off, but these were the most expensive part of the display at around $25 bucks each. We used 2 of them. They are very lightweight, fold up easily, and I can use them around the house as well.

2) Table coverings
2 twin flat sheets and a tablecloth from Ikea. Cost under $20, and I got so many compliments on the color scheme.

3) Wooden shelves
I went to the hardware store and had a 4x4 cut into equal pieces. Then I painted the pieces. Stacked together as half a pyramid, it made the perfect, portable shelf for the bags of pins I had. Awesome!

4) Signage
My dear friend Hollie painted a sign with the Tako Fibers octopus logo and our slogan: "Crewel Embroidery and Other Fiberful Delights!" The whole sign cost maybe 3 dollars. The sign was painted with acrylic craft paint on a yard of craft felt.
All of our price signs were printed beforehand (looks much more professional!) and were displayed in little placecard holders from Ikea. They came in a package of 6 for 2.99.

5) Fake Grass
This was the MOST AWESOME find! There is a wonderful store in Portland called Cargo. It is a huge collection of crazy things from all over the world. They used fake grass as a display element for everything in their store, and they sold it too! I picked up 4 pieces and used them as shown above. I didn't go overboard and cover my whole table with it. Those little bits of greenery helped convey my product as natural and eco-friendly.

6) Smiles
Luckily, a smile is free! We gave out plenty and got plenty in return. Probably the best display item you can have is a great attitude.


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