Friday, April 10, 2009


Alpacapalooza!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

Alpacapalooza was AMAZING. Last Saturday, we all met up and enjoyed a full day of adorable, amazing, beautiful animals! (We all being me, Ben, Liz, Astrid, Caley, Bre, Brian, Julia and Harper!)

Ben and I are planning on living in a green house and having alpacas one day, as illustrated in this picture:
Emily and Ben's Future Home

While we didn't get to roll around in the pen with them this year, it was still a wonderful time. We had a picnic lunch, looked at all the booths, and watched the judging in the show ring too. We even saw little kids leading their alpacas through an obstacle course! Jumping over hurdles! Be still, my heart.

If you would like to see the whole Flickr set, this link will take you there!

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  1. Apparently we could fit 10 whole alpacas on just 1 acre of land...let that simmer :)