Monday, June 14, 2010

little sneak preview!

little sneak preview!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

So the summer Urban Craft Uprising is coming up... so I am hard at work making some new kits! I am super excited about these two new birdy kits! They are about the same size as the blue bird and the red bird.
I am having such fun drawing these birds that I may make even MORE birds! Ahhh... a whole wall of embroidered birds, in every color of the rainbow! Sounds AMAZING to me!

Here is another brand NEW design that I am making a screen of... 2 little bears in love!

bear kiss

(Sorry for the crappy photo quality, its a just a quick phone snapshot of the negative I will be using to make the silkscreen stencil.)

This one is going to be a beginners kit. It will not have much stitching on it, but will be a good, small kit for anyone who wants a quick easy project. I am so excited to start stitching the sample for this guy.

I hope you are having a lovely June so far!

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