Tuesday, January 12, 2010


cat owl guy, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

Please meet cat-owl guy! I made him to add to the secret santa present that I made for Hollie. He is good luck! As soon as I made him, I started having all kinds of good luck. He is filled with good luck pennies to keep him standing upright, and its rubbing off for me, I hope it works for Hollie too!

I have had a sudden burst of creativity the past few days. I have wanted to paint and draw and print and sew and knit and everything! Its nice after the creativity drought I was having during December.
I am using this creative streak wisely, however. I am putting a lot of energy towards my friends Kim and Jayme's website, which is already shaping up to look awesome. I can't wait to show it to ya'll! I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the month, possibly with some fancy flash stuff to follow.

Also, I have completed task #1 on my to do list, and will be starting my awesome new job in 2 weeks! Hooray! The best thing about it is that I can walk there from my house! So hopefully that will help with task #5 (losing weight).

Yeah January! You are very good so far!


  1. Cat Owl Guy makes me feel happy when I look at him.

  2. Sounds like your life is looking up! I love the good luck owl. I think all of us need a little luck these days :)