Sunday, January 3, 2010

new years to do list

pumpkin feets, originally uploaded by maybeemily.

I have a lofty list of goals for the year. If I write them down, they become real, and maybe I will actually get a few of them done.

1. Get a new job that actually pays me well!

2. Develop as many embroidery kits as I can, and sell as many as I can too!

3. Sell crewel supplies on Etsy (specifically crewel yarn and hoops)

4. Say "i love you!" to my husband every single day.

5. Lose enough weight to get rid of my stupid back fat. yuck!

6. Knit 2 sweaters. I CAN DO IT!

7. Eat mostly vegan food.

8. Purchase a new computer that actually works

9. Be creative every day

10. Sing on some of Ben's songs

11. Enter a karaoke contest

12. Make my garden lovely!

13. Try to keep our room and studio clean, perhaps clean it once a week? eh? will that ever happen?

14. See my friends more often.

15. Get rid of this stupid social anxiety that I seem to have developed!

Wish me luck. What are you going to do this year?


  1. Beautiful goals! Inspiring!
    My goals:
    1. Simplify and get rid of excess baggage.
    2. Keep it real.
    3. Get a passport.
    4. Take a class from Anado ( in Mexico.
    5. Use all of the creative juices that I can muster to the fullest.
    6. Be mindful.
    7. Be kind.
    8. Be grateful.
    9. Learn to let things be.

  2. Hi Emily, this is the other Rosy-Faced girl from work...

    I totally agree about #1 on your list, and I believe that #2, #3 and #10 will be how you become your own boss (doesn't that sound better than having a boss?)

    Social anxiety is something that will let go of you as soon as you let go of the idea of being good for other people. Just be good for yourself. You're beautiful the way you are.

    I'd love to hear you sing. We have a really awesome and super divey bar about 3 blocks from where I live on the Hill. Maybe you and I should have a karaoke night on Friday or Saturday.

    You're awesome. Stay Gold!