Friday, November 13, 2009

Yeah swag bags!

Yeah swag bags!, originally uploaded by maybeemily.


At Urban Craft Uprising, all vendors donate a few small items to go into their "swag bags." What are these amazing things you ask? Well, the first 500 people to go to the UCU actually GET one of these amazing bags full of handmade goodness for FREE! yes! When I went 2 years ago, there were people lined up for hours WAITING for the goodness.
Vendors only need to donate a small amount, but I donated a bit more - 7 little bags with everything one needs to make my "little cloud" embroidery pattern.

I was up late doing last minute touches, but I think they look GREAT! The shape of the bag made it impractical to silkscreen them, so they are rubber stamped with stamps I carved. I think it looks as good - or better - than a silkscreen, so I'm pleased. I also learned just how much work its going to take to get these all together. Just these 7 little ones took my helper (my momma :) ) and I about 2 hours to get finished. The next too weeks are ASSEMBLY TIME!

In other news, there is no other news. Oh, except my Intermediate Flash class is going really well. I am really enjoying it. I have been working on a little interactive animation where you dress a lady. Very exciting.


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  1. Looks AMAZING, Em! When do you want me to help out next week?