Thursday, February 5, 2009

Encaustic in Progress

Studio Time

In 2006, I won a little R&F encaustic paint set from Daniel Smith, for meeting a sales goal. Yay! Because encaustic paint is REALLY expensive! So, I decided to start painting.
This is the biggest encaustic painting I have ever done. The biggest painting, actually, I have ever done in any medium! I have made big prints, but never a big painting. This one is on 16x24 panel. It wasn't really intended to be a landscape, but then it quickly became that. I wonder what it will turn into next?

Here is my encaustic set up right now, in my tiny closet sized studio:

Studio Time

I use a pancake griddle, kid sized muffin tins, hog brushes, hake brushes, and a paint stripper to paint with. I learned most of the techniques from Joanne Mattera's book The Art of Encaustic Painting, which I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in painting this way.

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  1. Hooray for tiny closet sized studios! Well, we have to make do don't we.
    This looks like an exciting new project. My Mum did encaustic art for a while. She did really well selling cards, bookmarks and little framed pieces. She met another crafter who also did encuastic art but she sold prints of the originals and did really well. So we started printing note cards and people loved them.
    All the best with yours,
    Aileen. (PS I was having a little blog walk and stumbled across you : )